What Materials Do I need

Last Fall I started with the 2 hander and it didn't tale me long to become an addict. I've been a tyer for many years but never swinging type patterns so I need some help with a "general" grocery list of materials. I spent all of last year throwing bunny spey type patterns and they worked well, but id like to try some intruder style flies etc. Just curious what some must have materials would be for these type flies? So far, I am thinking.....
Marabou (already have a ton)
Ostrich Plumes
Schlappen (have a bunch)
Lady Amherst Feathers?
Waddinton Shanks?

Obviously very new with these style flies and subsequently the materials used in them. Any advice on some must haves would be great. In terms of colors, the general rule here in Michigan is tie with any colors you like as long as they are black or purple.

You seem to be fairly well equipped. For intruders, I'd start with conventional salmon/steelhead/streamer hooks first. Graduate to trailing hook flies. Tie the front hook on a cheapo hook, since you're going to be cutting off its bend and point anyway. Tie on tubes or Waddington shanks only if you can see a valid reason for them - I never have.

For patterns, check the Archives and/or the Hooks, Feathers, and Floss section of Spey Pages.com. (Of course you're already familiar with that indespensable web forum...aren't you?)

And before you start, consider the likelihood that few fish could tell a 1/0 purple/black Intruder from a 1/0 purple/black Woolly Bugger.
i'm pretty stoked on amherst and long, slender saddle hackle at the moment. they really add a lot of life and depth to basic patterns from marabou's to intruder style stuff. matching colors of both ice dub and angora are both pretty essential at my tying desk for building sweet heads and bumps and adding flash to the underbody.

guinea, rhea and pstrich are staples as well. the possibilities are truly endless. just keep playin around and when you see something you like, ask questions and get the scoop.