Fishing report Lk Cassidy

Hit lake Cassidy just north of Lake Stevens yesterday. This was my first trip there so spent the time to use my fishing buddy to explore the depths.drops ect. all the way around the lake. Fished large dumbell eye streamers and had a few good takes but nothing to boat. Finally got my first bass to boat on a large rubber leg hair poper. He was about 15 inches and a blast to catch in 3 feet of water surounded by lily pads. Took about 5 more smallish bass on white and yellow and decided quickly I needed to head in as a young kid in a 4x4 toyota showed up and was 1st backing into the lake and then racing out throwing up a huge wave of water. Then he moved over to the parking area that at that time only held my truck. The power slides and donuts comenced as I got my line in and moved as quick as I could back to shore. Once i got to shore the kid had switched and was fishing in the same place he had just torn the lake up in! Thankfully my truck was in one piece with no new dings of scratches.
Any way I was really surprised I didnt do better, as thats a hell of a "bassy" looking lake shore. Anyone around here that has fished there and done well have any advice for me?
The side of the lake with all the wood / structure fishes well around dusk. I like LARGE poppers and frogs. I am not expert As I have 3 trips total on the lake, But I can tell you there is plenty of 12 inch bass to keep you occupied, and I lost one that could have been 3-4 lbs. Saw her, but never got her to the boat. Also fish at least 15lb leader/tippet and fish hard into the structure/wood. Dont worry about getting snagged up with 15lb and a weedguard.
Thanks for the tip Jcalderon. This is my 28th year fly fishing but my first ever fishing Bass in any form. Having a great time learning but things like 15# take me some time to get used to lol. Had a great time fishing Lake Martha (WB) today. Tons of small bass and one larger about 14 incher. Fished from 11 to 6 and had a perch surprise the hell out of me as I was fading away about to pull it in and get home way to late for the wifes tastes. Sucker just about took the rod out of my hand! Good day all in all with the wind only kicking up slightly around 2. Headed out to Lone on the island tommorow.
Thats great. This was also my first year of bass fishing, And I haven't done nearly enough (3 month old at home) glad to hear youre chasing them down.


North Shore - stay in the pads....I use frog poppers and fish all the way south till the depth changes to around 10'. East shore - dude was right Woodpush - -in the tress and use a heavy tippet. West shore just off the landing to the resort dock has yielded fish for going on 6 years straight. Any shade and wood combo is a winner. South shore leading up to the creek outlet in that flat and over by the bird boxes....check out the topo map on Washington Lakes. Any depth change of more than 8' will hold em and I have had bass come up from 12' down to hit a popper. I've bass fished the lake for 6 years. This is my first year with a fly rod focal. You'd be surprised when they'll hit. Also Don't be afraid to get deep and crawly. Also Reeds are a good indicator of a more solid bottom - the bottom's pretty mucky - so if your bouncing on the bottom in front of a reed - pad bank don't be surpeised if you get ran over by a bigger fish. Especially on the East shore...........
Thanks for all the advice guys. Fished it again today from 11 to 6 with some frog popers I tied up. Wind was a P.I.T.A but had a good time and hooked a few in the pads up north, one on the west side near the most northerly dock and a few down by the bird boxes. Couldnt get into the spot I wanted in the south east corner as a larger boat was anchored there bobber fishin with the kids. Water temp was up to 78 when I packed it in so no trout fishin there for me.


Hey Matt - my friend and I went out Tuesday in the hottest part of the afternoon. He brought a 15" in to hand and I got 2 over 14". If your there in the morning- watch the "feeding" lines. They're cruising the creek channel and the two major "deep" water lines. I use a sink tip line- any "natural" appearing nymph or bead head nymph with a 9' leader and cruise slooooow and we still get trout out of the lake in the heat of the day. You know where they are - they can't hide. Every once in a while you'll get a bass that way too in the midday. You should drop me a PM. Maybe we can hit the lake at the same time.

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Bass feed at night. Best time to catch them in the summer is early AM and Evening or if possible, after dark. May is spawning and they are active all day.
Took dad out last night, managed about 12 bass all on poppers. Chartreuse was the color in the stained water. Seemed to get them just about everywhere we fished, although the south end provided the best action. For every bass I hooked I missed another. Biggest of the day was 2-3 Lbs? I don't know how to judge bass by weight.

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