desert backpacking + fishing

anyone know of any good trails that offer a good nice long backpack, while also offering good fishing? i'm looking for places anywhere in eastern washington. thanks! :thumb:
I would consider Schaefer lake. Its a beautiful hike and a lot of fish but if you go make sure you have plenty of bug spray!!!!! Pm for more info on the hike if interested.


Fish or Ski...Fish or!
I know you said Eastern WA. but 2 of my favorite trail/river hikes are the Selway and St Joe. I don't hike much in WA due to amount of people that infiltrate the good areas, but you can always check 101 Hikes of the Inland NW by Rich Landers. PM me if you want some great lakes in North Idaho to hike to.
How desert like are you looking for? A river running through sand? Scabrock and sagebrush? Or will anywhere that you wont get rained on this time of year qualify?
There are other good hike in places around here besides the one that starts with a W and ends with a ha. There is one that sarts with an I and ends with a ha. One that sarts with a M and ends with a m. Another that starts with a P and ends with a r. :) There are a few others that I could recommend as well, it just depends on the type of fishing a person wants to do, and how much hiking a person wants to do.