New to the area. Need advice

I just moved to Spokane and need some advice on where to fly fish from shore / stream. I rarely get more than a day off at a time so something within 2 hours would be perfect but I am at a loss for where to go. I've tried talking with people at my work but they keep pointing me at dead ends. I drove 2 hours the other day to a lake that someone suggested only to find out that the entire shoreline was private. Anyway I'm not looking for any secret spots, just some ideas to get me started. Also I am trying to get the wife interested in fly fishing so these dead end trips are kind of dampening her spirits. We both have WA licenses so that would be best, but I am thinking I may have to step up and get the ID license also. Any help would be much appreciated.


Mark Speer

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Is your "2 hours" round trip or one way? If your looking for bass, head this way.... Snake and Ronde are prime bass'n right now. There are several great guys up in your area...try shooting some of them a pm. Most of them are shy:rofl: right millsy!

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I believe there are 50 lakes in a 70 mile radius around Spokane. Most of the lakes hold fish. Newman, Liberty Long (Spokane), Clear, Badger, Eloika... all hold bass. The Spokane River can be good if you find a good spot. Best fishin' in the evening. Can be tough, but that's fishin'. West Medical, Williams, Badger, Fish, Medical, Amber, Badger, Silver, Clear can be good for trout. The most important thing about fly fishing is going.


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I will attest that the SPokane River can be tough, but the fish are there

Right now, trout are tough in local lakes because of the hot temps. Right now, if you can afford it, get a Idaho license and go try out the N Fork of the Coeur D'alene, the St Joe or the N Fork of the Clearwater. It's prime time right now for those streams and the cutthroat that inhabit them

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Visit the local shops, spend a few bucks and they will help you in your search. You've got some fine water in the distance / time frame you are looking for. Also, get a Gazetteer to help you in your travels. Don't know if you C & R but the lakes are too warm for successful C & R on trout. Good luck to ya.

i agree with Gary. all the streams in idaho are fishing great right now, basically throw anything that floats anbd something will eventually take it. and even the lakes around Cheny arent doing too terrible with the heat. kust go deep and you should find fish in the lakes, not that many, but who knows you might hook into a lunker or two.

if you have any specific questions send me a PM and i'll see what info i can come up with for you.

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