steelhead in the dark?


Was wondering if it's worth trying to go fishing after work, I can set my own hours so I was thinking of starting work around 5am, then getting done around 2pm and hitting a river. Is there traditionally much of a bite in the later hours of the day?


Scott Behn

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Yes, I personaly have had better luck late afternoon till dusk. I think though that if you schedule your outings in the middle of the week you'll have better success either way.

The fish of a thousand casts generates its share of myths and beliefs. There is the notion that they only bite when they are on the move. No resting fish will ever strike. Thus, just after dawn, fish will move because they are distrubed by the sun which is giving away their position. Ergo, fish just at dawn and for a few hours after. The rest is a waste of time.
In the fifties, on the Russian River, I have seen a dozen or more guys line up in the dark, waiting for the dawn, on a single hot riffle. By 11:00 AM, you could have the place to yourself.
These were all fly fisherman and some of the best in the sport. What does this say?
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From the Jim who can't sleep late. I also hate getting out there in the early AM. I get up every morning at 0600 rain,snow,sunshine,and in hail. I just can't sleep past that time. But I prefer to fish in the daylight hours. Be it in the early morn or in the afternoon hours.I just hate getting up before my time. Besides I have caught more fish in the daylight hours that I have at o'dark thirty.