Cataraft Flooring? Weight Saving Ideas?

Ed Call

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I dig it, platforms over larger floors certainly will save some weight. If you find some weird guy checking out your boat from his water master this weekend, it could be me!

Ed Call

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I just got a note from Jan yesterday or the day before that she was back in the shop. I might look into the drop bags for my front and rear seat boxes and go with lighter flooring. The boat performed great on the water with three bigger guys this past weekend, but hoisting it up a rougher launch is a bit of work. Lots of options to consider, thank you for your input!


David Spratt
Good luck and I'll be on the lookout for you. I'll be floating Red's to Roza tomorrow if I can get everything ready. I went back and read through the posts and saw that Stitches and Stuff was already discussed. Sorry for the repeat - just excited about my new ride.
Mumbles - love your Guinness pic.... homebrewing is my other vice when I am not fly fishing!