Yesterday's Pass Lake Outing? How'd it go ...


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Driving from Seattle wasn't nearly as bad as I first feared. My only impediment was my search for booze in Mt. Vernon. The fishing went good enough for me. 2 JT's over 4 hours. Hey, are the triploids the ones with the broad shoulders ("...time to get pumped up!")? My first trout was like that, while my second one was lighter colored and more slender. Both caught by stripping leech patterns. For more info, look up Roper's post thanking Microbrew for the glasses loan.

Scott Salzer

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We had seven people show up. Kind of interesting watching everybody layer up for the cold weather. Some in pontoons, some in float tubes. Very mixed success. As for me, one strike, zero to the boat. The roads were clear without ice (at least on the road) and no snow.
It was a good trip for the last part of December. Can't wait til spring.....