Sun and Rain Protection

This may come off as a wussie kind of question...but here goes.

Anyone rig a small bimini top to their pontoon/cataraft/raft?

Or does anyone use an umbrella for days when it is scorching or to ride out a brief downpour? Anybody find a way to mount an umbrella?

I'm thinking about adding one to my cataraft, but would like to see how someone else has addressed this.


Ed Call

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I've thought about it when my passengers include my daughters and wife. I'd never put up a canopy or umbrella for hardcore fishy guys that have been in my cataraft, they know who they are. If I took photos of them kicked back catching shade and sipping drinks with umbrellas in them I'd be fish food for sure. The bimini top of my saltwater boat seems like it would be great for a sunny lake or river float when the girls are on board though. The only issue would be not impeding the oars range of motion which should not be too hard to work out. There are companies that make clamp on brackets for umbrellas, so someone is in the market.


Just waiting on warmer weather, .......
Well, it's taken most of the summer to finally get this craft out near the water, & yes I finally got it wet! I took it down to Willow Slough, (aka J.C.Murphy Lake), just a couple of miles north of Morocco, Indiana.
This State Park's lake is over 1200 acres (but much of it is shallow, and overrun with weeds, which makes it almost impossible to freely navigate unless your in the channel.) The umbrella, I bought @ K-Mart for $12.00. The one inch PVC I think cost around $2.00. (I bought the PVC to make a rod holder for the lean bar, then found that it will also hold the umbrella nice & firm with two squaredrive drywall screws into the seat.) It handles breezes up to about ten miles an hour ok, but this also moves the toon in the direction away from the source of the breeze.
But hey, ANYTHING that keeps you in the shade on stillwater when Old Sol is beating down hot & heavy, is a good thing. I've got material leftover from a bimini that I made a couple of years ago, so if I have enough I'll sew something together this winter for next year.
Well here's the only pic I've taken, but you'll get the idea.
Just as long as the wind NEVER comes up you would be fine.
This is correct if the top is ALWAYS up.

Yes, I agree that wind would be a'd have to used good judgement about what circumstances it could be used.

However, I could see using an umbrella or bimini top just to ride out a downpour (rain coats are nice, but I haven't found one yet that is 100% waterproof) or to create a shady spot to take a break/eat lunch, etc.

As I say, it's not the "manly approach", but at my age...I'm long since over giving a $hit what others think and I am all about creating every bit of advantage and comfort I can while battling Ma Nature. :thumb: