Swap Steelhead Swap - Reinterpret The Classics

Now that Eric's swap is winding down, I thought I would host the next steelhead swap if there is enough interest.

The theme is "Reinterpret The Classics" by which I mean to pick out a classic steelhead/Atlantic salmon pattern and use it as your primary source of inspiration for a new fly. For example - you could take a Green Butt Skunk and turn it into an Intruder or turn a Skykomish Sunrise into a spey fly, etc, etc. I'll leave it up to you to decide what constitutes a 'classic'.

Maximum of 11 tiers. I will ship the flies on Monday, October 4th - about 6 weeks from now. Same as my last swap, this is an 'on-time swap'. The flies will definitely go out on time. If I don't get your flies in the mail by Saturday October 2nd, then you are SOL. Late flies will be sent back to the tier. Any extras created by people dropping out will be spread among the group.

1) Thomas Mitchell - Claret-Purple Shrimp Fly - Received
2) Eric Tarcha - Princess Dee - Received
3) Mumbles - Received
4) Blake Harmon - Red-butt Leech - Received
5) Chris Johnson - Al's Special Spey - Received
6) Brian Thomas - Doc Spratley - Received
7) Papafsh - Green Butt Skunk/Black Leech ESL - Received
8) Grayone - Steelhead Adams - Received
9) Bjorn - Mactruder - Received
10) Trevor Thorp - Purple Peril Marabou - Received
11) Thomas Mitchell - Black & Claret Spade (bonus)

All flies are in on time!

stewart dee

Is it eleven flies? can anyone enter even if my flies are sub par? Most guys here build some sweet flies.
Is it eleven flies? can anyone enter even if my flies are sub par? Most guys here build some sweet flies.
Eleven tiers so you only need to tie 10. If you send me 11, you'll get a full se back including one of your own.

Dunno about your flies being sub-par. The fish don't seem to be minding. You in?

Ed Call

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Thomas, I've been away from my vice for far too long. I would like to interpret a classic and share that with the group if you'd allow me in. I don't know what I'll tie, but I'll get them going.
Glad to have you Ed. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

That's what I think will be interesting about this swap, seeing what 'classic' speaks to people and then how they redesign it to work how they need it to work for their favorite river and so on.

It's hard to think up something from a complete 'tabula rasa' but easier with a framework provided by an established pattern.

I am going to reinterpret the "Humboldt Railbird" in either an intruder style, or MOAL leech variation. Havent quite decided yet! Ill post a pic when I am done with them.



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Haven't done one of these in a long time but this sounds interesting, so I'll join in. Now all I need to do is research some classic patterns and decide how best to mutilate one.

Sounds good! Y'all are in. I think we've got critical mass so I'll leave it open for another week and then close it even if we don't get a full !! so everyone can have a firm tying target.

Thomas, I'll get in on this swap if there's still an opening. Not sure what I'll morph yet, but I'll try to come up with something interesting in the next couple days.