Storing my Cataraft

I'm a new Skookum Steelheader (10' model) owner and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for how to best store the tubes when not in use.

Specifically, I am curious about...

- should I deflate it using the pump in reverse in order to get every last "morsel" of air out of the tube (I guess to make it easier to fold/roll up??)

- should the tubes be folded up or should I try to roll them up?

- are rodents a problem? should the tubes be stored in some sort of protective case/bag/box??

- is the climate the tubes are stored in important (such as heated and air conditioned space)?

- any other tips that you have learned?

Thanks for helping.

PS. Just talked to NRS and they told me DO NOT roll it or fold will develop pin hole leaks. They suggested I store it semi-inflated. Crap.

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Yup, I'm with the leave semi inflated. I never roll mine or fold them. I actually hang mine from the ceiling partially inflated. Still need to get my garage (just moved a few months back to my new house) setup to hang the tubes from the D rings. Climate isn't a biggie, just keeping it out of the sun is important. Rodents shouldn't be a problem. Use a good cleaner to clean the tubes. After that I just leave them partially inflated in the garage out of the weather. I had a set of tubes from Aire that were almost 20 years old when I sold them. Were still going strong at that time.