Boat name suggestions?


Rod tubes in the overhead compartment
Its a method of transport, so......

"Seoul Train"
(and you could paint that funky animated image with it, and the crazy styled letters, too!)

Didnt catch if this was an open water craft, or a river boat, but one I will use when I get my big one is:

"Cirrhosis of the River"


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Mr Ast wins with the name, he'll be fishing with me for Pinks this August somewhere in the sound, congrats Rob and thanks for the name suggestion!

I had to wait for the weather to improve so I could work on some odds and ends, dang did I miss the sun!
"My Therapy" or "Prozac"

This one does not apply, but it is something I saw many years ago and have remembered it every since. I was strolling thru a marina in Calif and saw a really nice yacht obviously owned by a dentist, named "Floss 'em"

But, being an ex-contractor, I love "Change Order"

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
One thing to consider if you're going to be in the salt and have a VHF aboard; pick a name that isn't difficult to pronounce OR understand in an emergency.