articulated hooks


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i will be trying to tie some of kelly galloups articulated streamers and need hooks. does anyone know the hook numbers of some of his flies.? they need to be straight eye hooks. mike w
i would recommend the mustad 3366. nice wide gap, good gauge for trout, tough, and cheap. the one thing about some of kellys production flies is that the hook gap isnt quite sufficient, these hooks are great. check janns netcraft to order some.
I cannot remember the hook numbers I have used,but I would recommend that you get hooks that are 3xlong or longer... 2x long is too short in my opinion
long hook shanks = lost fish, contrary to popular belief. Too much leverage, it is pretty simple if you think about it. You get size by articulating them with shorter stouter hooks. Almost all records nowadays are taken on circle hooks... In this field, trust me, I am a doctor.
Dr. Daniel Soltau........kinda got a nice ring to it. I agree with Dan, Shorter heavy gauge hooks are the way to go. Even Gami or Owner octipus style hooks are great at sticking and holding fish. I do like the striaght eye version however.
Luv2fly2 - Listen to Rick and Dan and not me on the hook lenght... they have caught much nicer fish than I.

Rick and Dan - Thanks for the info. For some reason I have always found tying on 3x and longer to be easier, so that's what I always did. However, I have seen some of your guys photo and will adjust to what you have mentioned, and then go out and test them.