FS; Phillipson "Peerless" "5" 7'6" 2pc. 2 tip impregnated fly rod. All Original.

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For Sale; Phillipson "Peerless" "5" 7'6" 2pc. 2 tip 5wt. impregnated fly rod. This rod is in Excellent ++ condition and all original. Although it has been fished it shows very little wear. Only a lighty soiled cork handle and a tiny bit of finish removed from the edges of the butt cap. The sections are all straight with no "Sets". The ferrules are bright and tight for both tips. The original finish is complete and the thread windings are a dark chocolate brown tipped with a yellow/gold silk. The tipping is spiralled a way from the main windings. The real seat is a brown aluminum as most of the later Phillipsons were. There are visable glue lines consistant with Phillipson. The cork handle is lightly soiled as mentioned above and is tapered forward at 6.5' and finished with an aluminum winding check. The rod tube and bag are original. The tube has a small dent in the lower end (See photos). The tube also has the original gold lable though somewhat faded. The bag has a small hole worn into the bottom. These I have left alone. The selling price is $875.00 which includes shipping and insurance. Please feel free to email any questions at hellmtflies@hotmail.com.
Best Mark K.
Bozeman, Mt.
It's unusual to find a 7-1/2' production rod in such good condition. The visible purple glue lines are caused by resourcinal glue, which penetrates the bamboo. This isn't a flaw, it's a sign of using the best glue available and good workmanship.


Kent Lufkin

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This is wonderful example of a classic cane rod from the 'golden age' of American rodbuilding. If my bamboo collection wasn't already at a dozen, I'd be all over this one.

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