Swap The Snap Swivel: Story, Swap, Contest

Ed Call

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Here is the story:
Hopefully my friend Freestone will fill in the details and get the story back on course if I drift in the wrong direction. It seems as a youngster of 5 Freestone had a spontaneous interest in learning to fish. As such, and with two non fishing parents, Freestone was determined to go it alone. Armed with an entry level spinning combo from Dad, Freestone was off to the local lake to fish from the dock for panfish.

After three years, that is right, three long years, Freestone had not yet been able to bring a fish to hand. Sure, there were ample bites, takes and tugs, but none would stick. Then one day on the dock, Freestone saw a young lad bringing in a fish to hand. Rushing over to see what the angler was using it was apparent. The hook holding the fish at the end of this lad's line was much different than what had been in use for the past three years. It seems that young Freestone's parents were so concerned that fishing would cause some sort of self injury that they had put snap swivels into the tackle box and presented them as the business end of the line for Freestone's safety.

Freestone is now one of the most accomplished anglers that I've met and has caught fish, seriously large trout and anadramous fish, in many places that you and I only dream of going. I have seen photos of a westslope cutthroat trout that was just under ten pounds and browns from the southern hemisphere that would make Mr. Matney and the Montana Brown Trout Gang go bonkers.

Here is the Swap:
You put your best dressing onto a snap swivel for each of the twelve who sign up (we can adjust this as interest grows or fades).
You get them done on time, they must arrive at my door no later than October 22nd, 2010.
I'll get them turned around and out to you within a day or two.
You include a self addressed stamped envelop or shipping label, do not send me cash or I'll use it to buy beer and more snap swivels.

Here is the Contest:
You get them in hand and you take them and fish them for whateverinthehell you wish. Trout, spiny rays, steelhead, salmon, suckers to bluewater beasts I don't care. Post a photo of the snap swivel fly and the fish caught. I'll come up with two prizes, cheap ass trinkets I'm sure, one for the successful angler and the other for the snap swivel fly tying genius that put you onto that fish.

What say you? Coho has been a bust. Steel are not stacked up yet. Chum will be here soon. Get in and get done.

  1. Freestone
  2. Mumbles - baitfish IN HAND
  3. Trevor Thorp
  4. MtnWkr - Spider IN HAND
  5. Jim Henderson
  6. Rob Ast IN HAND
  7. Bob Jones IN HAND
  8. Kwerfwappie - Baitfish IN HAND
  9. Bob Triggs
  10. fodf - Eric Electric OUT
  11. Whit Bunny head bugger IN HAND
  12. Ralphie Hare's ear nymph IN HAND

Sign up, have fun, don't be a slacker and keep us waiting. Peace.

Great question Trevor, nothing but your tying material gets added to the swivel...no hook, no other fly. Fish it with the swivel open and think of it as a barbless hook with built in leader twist prevention!

Trevor Thorp

Happy to be home in the NW
I am not sure I understand. Do we get to put a hook on it, or are we just talking a straight up fly tied to a swivel? You know I am up for the challenge. I just want to know if I have to catch a fish without a hook.


Not to be confused with freestoneangler
Ed, you got the basics down right. Dad opened the snap swivel and bent it a bit so it looked hook-like to a 5 year old. I couldn't keep a fish on that shiny gold thing all those years ago so we'll see what I've learned in the many years since. Maybe I'll sharpen it this time! Ed, you have a great memory as this story was told around a campfire months ago! But, you really embellished the 'accomplished angler' part; I'm just a hack who spends enough time on the water that I'm bound to get lucky once in a while...


aka Mtnwkr
I'll join in.. Put me down for 12 swively spiders ™. The hardest part I see about this is wrapping thread on something that spins freely! Do we get to sharpen the swivel when it comes time to fish it?
Agree that story seems accurate. Detail about Freestone's persistence in fishing the swivel is understated. Observations about Freestone's fishing ability, sense of humor, and general character right on.
I will give it a shot. Where do you buy snap swivels?

Ed Call

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Jim, you might find some snap swivels in black or brass at Wal-mart, Big 5 or Wholesale Outfitters in your local area.

I may not know much, but I know Freestone is fishy. Any attempt she makes at denying that is total BS and those that know her know this is true.

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
I happen to have a few snapswivels that haven't gone onto lanyards yet so I'll take a spot and see what happens from there. Getting out to fish is the hard part unless you happen to get laughed off the water by some one who sees what you'e fishing with. Sounds great!

Ed Call

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Bob, good to hear from you. Indeed we have some space. I heard it from a little bird that you might be joining. Thanks.

With Mr. Triggs we are up to nine folks. Come on, test your tying ability and tie something out of the ordinary. Three spots left. If we get no more entrants before Wednesday afternoon I'll close it out. For those of you that are in, please get to tying your swivel fly.


Team Umiak
Ed, I'd be honored to man up after you callin me out. Mine will be appropriately named the Flaming Wing tied on a three way swivel...cuz I luv ya man. Stand by to stand by.