WTB 5wt switch rod in near new /excellent condition

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    Anyone on the forum thinking about placing their 5 weight switch rod up for sale in the near future?

    At the moment, I am just putting this out to see what if anything is available.. I know some of you may have one or two to many. .. My neighbor taught me to fly fish with a single hand rod some years back, he is giving some serious consideration to purchasing a switch rod. 5wt, like many of us the lure of the whole switch rod movement is calling him to jump in and give it a try..

    I am watching Ebay for him also and will eventually spot something that will be hard to pass up.. I do know he would probably only be interested in newer made rods.. possibly something bought in the past year or so and now find you have no time or need for it..

    Feel free to send me a PM if you or a buddy has a great deal on a switch rod, not sure my neighbor is ready to buy one as yet,I thought I would see what might be sitting unused on the forum.

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    I've got a new Sage z-axis 5110-4 rod. I'd like to get $475 for it. It's new, never fished.

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    I'll check into it with my neighbor, Not a bad price, not sure he was looking at going quite that high on his first rod
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    rainbow My name is Mark Oberg

    I do beleave that USMC VET and his friend are looking for a novices or beginners rod. As far as slow or fast, I prefer medium-medium fast. So describe your rod to him, I don't think he knows the newer rod's, just trying to help.

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    Thanks for the assistance, I think my neighbor may eventually end up with a Echo or a Redington CPX or something of that quality and price range.. I was mostly just feeling the waters to see what used gear was available.. I will continue to watch the Classifieds on this forum and others, and of course there is always good ole EBAY.. I own A new Redington Prospector 8wt. and think I am going to like it just fine (for now) thanks to everyone,, Ron