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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Flyfishsteel, May 2, 2006.

  1. Flyfishsteel

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    Was out on a secret lake today and used 5X 4lb tippet today and it was pretty windy, kept on getting wind knots and for some reason continued to spiral?

    For you folks out there, what do you do to prevent spiral knots? Was wondering if I was to go to a 6lb tippet, if it would help in windier situations.

    I was basically using a 9' tapered Maxima Ultragreen leader with about 2' with a double sergical knot and #8 wolley bugger with a type 3 sink tip. The sprial knots were driving me crazy! :mad:

    caught 3 cutties so it was a decent day.

    Thanks for the help and advice!
  2. catdaddy027

    catdaddy027 Banned or Parked

    Need more stick...Catching three sounds like you did well, but it sounds like your rod lacked the ass to turn the fly over in the wind. Big fly+narra tippet+ light rod = windknots like a mofo...in my limited experience at any rate.:)
  3. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    The spiraling you note is most likely caused by a combination of trying to push a big fly through lots of air with too-fine tippet. Try going up a couple sizes in tippet to 3X or even 2X.

  4. Josh Benjamin

    Josh Benjamin Member

    I agree with what kent said. usually throwing tips and buggers you can get away with a heavier tippet, should use a heavier tippet i think, especially if there are bigger fish around as the strike will break the finer stuff at times...thats been my experience for what it's worth.
  5. Flyfishsteel

    Flyfishsteel New Member

    Thanks guys, bigger tippet means bigger fly, you are correct. It looks like the bugger would spiral the line and it would be twisted upon reeling in and I would have to run my finger down the leader to the fly to straighten it, but it also destroys the line leaving a permanant spiral look to my leader.

    Thanks, I'll try a bigger leader for heavy flies, vice versa. :beathead:

  6. martinrjensen

    martinrjensen BambooBoy

    Along with what the others have said, you should size your tippet to the fly not the water. i.e big flies, big tippet, I would guess that a #8 fly should warrant at a minimum 4X, probably really a 3x. that's where your casting problems came from, again as others have said also.
  7. Big Tuna

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    You might also try shortening your leader. Casting a weighted fly on 11' of leader/tippet is a challenge, not to mention it negates the effect of your sink tip to a certain degree.
  8. Josh Benjamin

    Josh Benjamin Member

    iagree with big tuna...with tips and streamers, i usually am about 4' of leader.
  9. Surf_Candy

    Surf_Candy Member

    besides all the other gread advice I have noticed the maxima tapered leaders are very limp when compated to a flouro leader...might consider a stiffer butt leader for tossing larger flies.
  10. BigHog

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    I was out in some horrible wind with a 4wt 7' rod and using approximately a 13' leader tapered to 6x. I damn near jumped in the lake I was so peeved with the wind knots... Generally on a calm day, I don't have problems, but this was not to be...