6/11/2012 on the Columbia

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  1. You have to understand that Evan is rather stoic...yet hilarious. What was it that you said my friend? Something about a mess like that and catching a sucker on a dick night?
  2. Also for the oversensitive tree hugging hippies that are offended by dead fish, the ones on the stringer are not dead, they are just sleeping.
    Nothing like a mid afternoon nap!
  3. And to seriously answer your question about the flies used, I tied up a bunch for this trip in every color you could imagine, except the ONE color they were hitting. I did manage a couple of fish on red\yellow but not near as many as the other guys.

    If I was to do it again I would tie flies in two colors, gold and silver, pretty much just estaz\cactus chenille wrapped around a hook with a little flash for a tail, and then have a pocketful of colored beads to swap out in front of the silver\gold if needed.

    And after all that work, I probably still wouldnt catch as many fish as the guys using dick nites :D
  4. If you tie anything, tie them as heavy as possible and on a gold hook. Gold hook is key.
  5. chartruese jig head is the key, or hot orange
  6. The color of the jighead doesn't seem to make any difference so long as the hook is gold, and there's flash on it. Some of my darts had zero paint on them and still got nibs.
  7. I went down there with the hot orange/chartreuse heads and didnt get a single shad until i switched to pink and then red and yellow. The small mouths loved the hot orange though.
  8. Jesse would "like" this one... Jesse your head is so in the gutter :D
    Besides Evan clearly said "No Dicks" allowed, so that would be a load of wasted action (motion).:eek:
  9. I broke my own rule by bringing Dick Nite along for the ride.
  10. Carp and shad are the downfall of respectable and refined fly fisherman. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  11. I thought that was fast women and cheap booze...
  12. How many times have I told you. If you use a Dick Nite on a flyrod, it's called a Penis Evening.
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  13. I know exactly where that is.. in fact i was there last weekend
  14. Be sure to stop by and say hi next time you're there, we give out coupons for free ice cream cones to anyone who can recognize a spot and posts about it.
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