6' 6 weight bamboo

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Loteck Joe, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. I built this rod from the tip section and the mid section of unknown origin. It was a 9' 9 or 10 weight and turned into a great casting 6 weight. It has an REC, teak insert, down locking cap & ring reel seat with black hardware. The guides and tip top are oversized black snakes. The ferrule has a friendly pop when separated. The wraps are Gudebrod Chestnut with black tipping. Includes sock (made by me) but no tube. The reel is not included. I need $100 + $15 for shipping and insurance. Please send me a PM if interested or email lotechjoe at hotmail dot com.
    Thanks for looking. The rod casts great.

  2. Very Nice, Good Job!
  3. Thank you for the kind words Gregory. It's a fun rod to catch a fish on too. I Christened it with 10 cutthroat out of Marshall Lake last summer.
  4. I can't believe nobody is interested yet. It was a 6 foot, 6 weight bamboo that Lee Wulff used for Atlantic Salmon. His was a one piece however. The ferrules, guides, grip and reel seat alone cost more than what I'm asking. This is one fun rod to catch fish with.
  5. Admin,
    Please pull this ad. I just got the rod out and looked at it again. I can't believer I was going to sell it for $100. :eek::eek::eek: Foolish me.

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