6/7 WT Spey Rods

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by PT, Apr 21, 2006.

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    Thanks for the response buy I don't really need another 8 wt. My original post was regarding some of the lighter rods over 13' that I could throw tips with and some long belly floaters.

    I know that one rod doesn't do it all but I'm willing to compromise a bit to find a rod that isn't too line specific. It sounds as if the Solstice or the MKS series would probably serve my needs pretty well.

    And yes, I do understand we all prefer different things out of our tools but I was just trolling for some other ideas than the ones that I had already checked into. Thanks again for the ideas.
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    The Golden Age

    If you dig around on the Spey Pages you'll run across a thread where Ed Ward talks about throwing tips on light weight rods.

    When I first got into Spey rods, the light weights were few and far between. The Sage 7136-4 "brownie" the one with the piece-0-$h!! reel seat being one of them. Everyone said that noddle rod could not throw tips. That was then. Lines change. Casting styles change. Tips change. I know of guys today throwing tips & intruders on that same rod.

    Even three years ago when I asked Bob Meiser about a 15 foot 7 wt rod, he said it couldn't be done. Last year at the Sandy Clave we all cast a Meiser Highlander 15 foot rod using an XLT 6/7 wt line. Everyone loved that rod. I've also cast one of Gary Anderson's rods throwing a prototype (new) 6 wt XLT line. Ninety feet of line off the reel + a 14ft leader. That was over a year ago. If SA ever makes that line, I'll have to buy that rod.:thumb:

    I used to refer to anything lighter than a seven wt as a "baby Spey" rod. They were like a novelty. No one even made lines for them. Grampa Spey on the other board has a bunch of them. Meiser kind of pioneered the lightweight "switch rods" CND has the Spey Tracker. (I forgot about that one) Gary Anderson has some really nice rods.

    Lots of choices now days. All good stuff. Today is truely the Golden Age of fly rods.
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    I only own one spey rod (for now) and it's the Solstice 6/7. The lines I use on it are a S/A ShortHead cut @12' which I then use Rio 15' 8 weight type 3-8 tips. Throws quite well. With a Rio 450 Skagit line it throws the tips and big flies no problem (big flies are an issue with the S/A shorthead).

    My only complaint about the CND is that the handle is on the narrow side. I'd prefer a slightly thicker cork handle.

    Ironically my next rod will be a Meiser...just need to figure out which rod (either the MKS 7/8 or 8/9).

    Good luck.
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    CND black series is awesome also check out Meiser rods.
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    Hi guys. New to the board. Just thought I would throw in my two cents. I have the Sage 6126-3 but it has been relegated to closet duty as I just picked up a Meiser rod. What a work of art the Meiser is!
    I'll probably be putting the Sage up for sale in the classifieds soon.
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    I have and love the little Solstice and fish it with both the 450gr Rio Skagit line and the SA Shorthead (cut back for tips and full floating).

    The 6/7 MKS is also a delightful rod. I would dearly love to have one of them as well. The attached photo is Mike Kinney fishing it with a Carron line. As you can see, it flat booms out line! You can't go wrong with either rod. As suggested by others in this thread you will do well to try both and decide what works best for you. Better still just buy both for twice the fun!

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    sage 6126 with a 450 or 550 skagit line will cast tips like it's not even there.