6 Million Pinks to the Puget Sound this summer.....

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by KEM, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. CurtisS

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    Do you puget sounders really eat humpies?? YUCK!
  2. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    The fresh pinks are just fine. Never did understand the hate. The fillets are a bit on the thin side, but there's nothing wrong with the flavor. Especially for smoking!
  3. CurtisS

    CurtisS Member

    I dunno, there ok if your lost in the wilderness and starving :) naw, there fine, just they get a little mushy if not properly cared for, and honestly next to King, silver, sockeye, or even Sea-Run fillets they just do not hold up.
  4. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    Anyone want some of this? May come in handy...
  5. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson Member: Native Fish Society

    While not my first choice, there is nothing wrong with pink salmon, if you catch them in the salt when they're bright. Use the bigger males for eating as they have more fat, smoke or can the females.
  6. Matthew Gulbranson

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    Add some beer :beer1:with that popcorn and now your talking!! And constructeur - nice blog there buddy! Me likey :p

    But speaking of pinks, I caught a few off the beach last time, but need to find some in the river to play with. I am going to attempt to get an 11yr old hooked on fishing and don't want to do it in a spot where gear dudes are nuts to ass chucking pink buzz bombs.
  7. obiwankanobi

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  8. CurtisS

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    Hahaha, Mabey I need to learn my emoticons better so you guys know when I'm joshing, lol.:D
  9. Evan Burck

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    You gots my number
  10. J R from The Yellowstone Gang

    J R from The Yellowstone Gang Fish all the Rivers of the West before your to old

    It's 3 million less than the 2009 run prediction (9 million total). That said, 09 was a record setting year for Pinks, so this year will still be one of the highest in recent years. As for Chum, the 2010 Fall forecast was 1.3 million so this year with be a little under that at 971k. JR.
  11. constructeur

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    Oe is too classy. Look around for the Big Bear(used to be .79 cents when OE was $1.10!):

    The blog is all Yards creation...and yes it does kick ass.

    I'm not sure if you've got your child on the fly rod or not but I'll have my daughter tossing the tiny pink UV dick nites into the drink on a spin rod this next go around. She can cast a fly rod, but I don't think she's up to fighting fish that can actually make runs (shes only 8 and I don't want her getting her fingers/hands bruised and end up not liking fishing)

    Our goal is a bit the same, get the kid outside, on some fish, and hopefully grill one of em' on the beach right there for some kick ass hunter-gatherer action.
  12. gearhead

    gearhead Active Member

    funny that people watching at dashpoint pier was mentioned, because it is simply amazing. the run before last, we trolled by the pier after hearing the creel numbers of the dockers, and man oh man, there was never less than 4-6 fish suspended in the air being pulled up. went to the dock the next day, brought a bomber rod of course just in case, simply amazing at the number of fish swimming by, their aggressive attitude, but more amazing was the crowd, fights, yelling , interrupted by shouts of: HEAR THEY COME! every 5 minutes. even got treated to a heated yelling match between two retired white dudes, in their hawaiian shirts, and a couple 20 something black dudes, it turned totally quintin tarrentino (spelling?) with racial bantering, going both ways lots of N bombs, death threats, cracker bombs and weapons displayed. the old guy had a sling shot for the seals, the other guys claimed they had something else. went on for about a half hour between those to groups. everybody was actually laughing, ya just have to be there to believe it all, all classes, ages and races are represented believe me. despite it all, most everybody helped eachother. the netting of fish was fun to watch to, ya had the tangled lines, maybe two fish being netted together, the seal that would dart in and snatch the fish. it is what it is, just gotta sit back and enjoy the sight.
  13. sportsman

    sportsman Active Member

    Lots of people fish for trout and would never eat them if they were starving......if you like to 'catch' fish, pinks are great fun ...just put them back or give them to some kids on the beach or your neighnbors. You would be surprised on the warm reception you get when giving a fresh[cleaned] salmon to someone that doesn't fish or isn't a highbrowed 'conniseur' as so many of you purport to be. I can't beleve the shit I'm hearing: no place to fish, no fish or too long a drive and now we are ready for a decent fishery and you pukes are crying that they don't like to eat crummy pink salmon!! Too bad for you cry babies....there will just be more room on the beaches and less congestion at the boat launches!
  14. gearhead

    gearhead Active Member

    what he said, yeah......
  15. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    I have every intention of filling the smoker several times over this season... And am going to love every goddamn minute of it.
  16. bennysbuddy

    bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

    Well it looks like I better start looking for my box of wells spoons out in the garage because it's comeing on humpies in the skagit season.
  17. Go Fish

    Go Fish Language, its a virus

    I'm trying to understand
    why the stinky-pinky thing
    is better than sliced bread.

    Is it the delicious tast when cooked?
    Is it the mobs of knuckle draggers roaming the beach?
    Is it easy to catch fish?

  18. bennysbuddy

    bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

    Because it is the only reliable run of fish that is left on most of the rivers, That you can legaly fish for.
  19. P.Dieter

    P.Dieter Just Another Bubba

    no you're not. cause it's not that complicated and nobody is that stupid.
  20. CurtisS

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    Most of which rivers?