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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by skitterbug, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. skitterbug Member

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    I'm looking for reviews on which 6 wt switch rods people have been happy with, rods that are in the low 400 grain window. I'm planning on using it for coho, pinks, winterbulls and possibly beach fishing. Looking at the $300-500 range new or used( older models that you'd recommend, that would sell used in that price range)

    Sorry for the questions, did a search and couldn't find anything.

  2. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    I've got a Deer Creek 6 from TFO, but you need to check which line's best for something like that. I found a Skagit compact (Airflo) worked best for me, but the Deer Creek series really lends itself to a slower cast where you involve more of the rod than just the tip. Throws a Scandi compact ok, too, but doesn't do a snap-t cast worth squat!
  3. tridentfly Member

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    I would check out the Dually. There aren't a ton of switches in your price range, but the Dually is a little lighter than the Deer Creek.
  4. Luke77 I hope she likes whitefish

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    I picked up a Redington CPX 6 wt switch when they first came out. Got it on ebay for $175.00 new. It's my go-to rod when nymphing for steelhead, swinging for steelhead on smaller rivers, and streamer fishing for trout.
  5. Mike Garritson Member

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    Got the TFO Deer Creek 6wt with 7wt Wulff Ambush…awesome. Can fish long or short and mends well. Snap-T with ease…as long as you use the just the right amount of power or lack of. Great setup.
  6. skitterbug Member

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    Thanks for the replies, instead of the $300 range, I've changed it to the $300-500 range.
  7. Jack Devlin Active Member

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    Beulah Classic series switch rods on sale now as they are being discontinued. Great rods as are the Beulah Platinums. Within your price range.
  8. Matthew Gulbranson Resident Swinger

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    If you can find one on closeout, the sage 6119 tcx is a really sweet stick. I use mine for beach fishing for coho, summer steelhead, and have landed chum too. Powerful, yet really lightweight, and can launch some line.
  9. Steelie Mike Active Member

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    Echo 3 6110 or one of the old TnT of Gudielines Lecie Switches. The hard part is finding one used to buy.
  10. Steve Saville Active Member

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    I use a 420 gr head on my TCX 6119. I think that's what it is, anyway. Nice rod that can be had these days for less than $500.
  11. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    I've heard a Wulff Ambush will work really well on these. So you went up one weight mark, did you try the 6 on it first? Loops in both ends of the Ambush? I might want to add this one as well!
  12. Mike Garritson Member

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    I meant the 8wt Ambush…fat fingered it. Yeah, got it from Red's and that's the one they recommended specifically for that rod. Casts it really well as long as you don't try to muscle it. Looped on both ends.
  13. Stonefish Triploid and Humpy Hater

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    I don't fish two handers much, but I've seen Matthew put the serious hurt on some beach coho with the 6119.
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  14. skitterbug Member

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    Thanks for the feedback. I guess realistically in my budget, I'll have to consider the deercreek, beulah, echo, st.croix imperial & older scott(A3). The sage is probably out of my price range even used. Any others I'm missing? Which one is a true switch rod?
  15. CaddisSunset Member

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    I was in your same situation recently, I was able to pick up a TCX 6119 and put a reel and line with it for just under $650.00. I wanted to stick around $500 but I figured an extra $150 for the TCX would be worth it. So far I like the rod alot, I'm new to this spey game but it will cast 60' of line like nothing!
  16. gearhead Active Member

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    i have a 6wt deer creek too, with ambush 8wt. i chose the 6wt switch over the 7 for easy single hand applications. its very light. i really like it.
  17. skitterbug Member

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    I have a 7wt 10' singlehand rod, if I got a 6wt switch rod is there any reason to keep the singlehand? I only fish river & occasionally the beachs.
    I could sell my singlehand to generate more funds for the switch
  18. Mike Garritson Member

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    Yeah, now that you can get them for $500, I wish I would've waited. The TFO is a great rod though.
  19. WT Member

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    If you get an Echo SR you'll have a great rod with a wide grain window and have $ left over for a reel.
  20. soundflycaster Member

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    TFO switch. 300 grain compact Scandi with mono or poly leader and a 400 grain Ambush as an all around line. Very good rod for the money. I've brought a lot of fish to hand with this set up.