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  1. I throw a 6wt Orvis Helios Switch. I love it! Does it all. I paired it with a Rio Scandi Short for summer stuff. An airflo skagit switch for winter stuff, and on my other spool i have a rio floating switch for indicator fishing. I have thrown t-8 with small unweighted flys and large hobo spey barbell flys. Does them both.
  2. imo the beulah classic is an absolute steal. I have the 6/7 switch and love it. what are they going for on closeout price?
  3. I picked up one for $279.
  4. Picked myself up a ACR 1106! Nice looking rod, can't wait to get out there and fish it.
  5. I really like the Echo SR for the $$$. Extremely versatile.
  6. I started on a TFO 12'6" 6wt, one of the easiest rods to cast seemed like to me. Now I have in that grain weight a Bob Meiser MKS 13'0" 6/7 and have to say I may of been wrong on my opinion of the easiest rod to cast, wouldn't trade or sell it for nothing now.
    Picked up the blank from Bob and wrapped it myself, have a little over 300 into it, I beleive the switch blanks a little less in cost too if you have the tools.


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