options from boat in Sound?

Starting late October I'm a pretty regular visitor to Hood Canal and Chico the past few years. This is the first year I've had a boat (18' Jetcraft), and a friend who lives on Bainbridge Island for accommodations.

Since a boat gives me the ability to not wait until the fish are at the beach, what are some of the better options in the area for both fly and regular gear from now until the end of the year? I just like catching fish, not too picky on species. If they're too deep for fly fishing, I'll downrigger it...again, not picky.

I've certainly seen boats by Chico and all over Hood Canal while I was wading for Chum, so I know that's an option, but it's really all that I know so I'd love some other ideas. Can you just motor your boat around until you see a pod of Salmon and start casting to them, for instance? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part? ;)

And if anyone wants to play guide, they're certainly welcome in the boat!