6wt spey rod for summer run


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that Loop G.A.S.S. 6wt is an incredible stick Steve, not many of them around...

one of my favorite summer sticks of all time for small-medium water is a t&t 12' 6wt paired with a 420 compact scandi or ballistic express and a 14' leader. more than up for the task.

both of these are going to be on the "crispier" side of the 6wt arena...
My favorite spey rod so far Scott T2H 6wt. Its a fuckin cannon w/450 Skagit. A little slower action but once you get the feel you have so much fun you forget you are fishing. Lost Creek Fly Shop will let you demo out of Onalaska. A 6wt will handle anything its just a matter of keepin the fish from gettin so tired they die. So no winter OP fishin for natives of you will get your ass spanked and so will the fish's survival percentage.:thumb:
I own 3 six weights ... My current passion is a Loop Goran Anderson 12ft 6 wt with an airflo compact scandi 360grain head, 10 foot poly leader, and SA mono shooting running line. WOW .... can't think of anything better than this I've cast and fished.
Although next time I can free up some river time I have a Nextcast FF 45 5/6 I want to switch out the Airflo line for ... I bet it rocks ...

Steve Egge
360 grains is way to much. Try a 300 grain scandi at 36 feet.
That is what it was designed for.