SRC Are there any SRC around Saltwater state park.

Has any one out there ever tried fishing for SRC around Salt Water State park or Des Moines Marina or any of the other parks between Burien and Tacoma. I have never tried any of these areas yet and I am courios if its worth trying. Seems there are many places around the Narrows bridge but I would love to find a place closer to home to try after work.

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
I have a buddy that does beach seining for King County. Basically he tells me that SRCs are where you find them. He has caught them everywhere that he has seined, its just the number of fish rise and fall.

In a word, yes, there are SRCs at Saltwater State Park. Now its up to you to find out when and how many.

I have heard that Brown's point is supposed to hold some SRC. Let me know how you do! Try the incoming tide. I have had some luck then.

Another spot you can fish from the beach is Seahurst County Park. It's sandy right in front of the park, but if you hike south down the beach, the bottom is rocky and there's more current. Definitely worth a try.