What's your tying space look like?

what i started with

ready for the new desk

old entertainment center, now a desk haha

done, but not at it's 100%

close to how it will be

just need that new desktop.....
Well started putting together my tying desk today, after working out of boxes and TV stands since Christmas. My wife did not like having all the dead animals in the Dining room(made me hungry) Anyway, still have tons of stuff in the work bench but, need more pegboard hooks. Here's a small and premature picture anyway.

yeah i think i want Bighorn to be my uncle!!! cause man thats everyones dream fly tying room!!

I hope thats ok with you Bighorn? so now you have to each me everything you know!! hahaha
my new login name will be little big horn!
Alright, I'll be your Uncle and teach you everything I know, BUT, you have to split the material bill with me 50/50. That will be a grand total of $15,000.00 please. I do take Pay Pal.:rofl:
Right now all my stuff is in a old 1960's science rocket kit wooden box that i wood burned a dry fly on the top and a salmon attacking a fly on the back in a river. My box is over flowing with materials. It sucks being laidoff i want to make or buy a fly tying station. But the best part of the box i can take it anywhere including this weekend to my g/fs grandmas in lincoln city oregon hahaha. I love the pics guys you inspire me to be patient so that i can make my dream fly tying desk and great pointers on places to storage of materials.
Dai-those are some awesome looking cabinets! The whole set up is so beautiful and functional-did you have it built or do it yourself? Awesome! Rick
Hi Rick, Yes i had them built, a very good fishing mate of mine. is a master cabinet maker, and i drew it up in his work shop. and he did the rest,
And as i say, i was all done in English oak.
Make tying a lot more easy no looking for materials, all listed up what is were in the desk and draws.

Here showing the oak burr, on the front of the draws.

Thanks for your comments Rick,