Antelope hair

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
Used a lot for clipped heads, spinning, sculpins and muddler minnows should be handy and it's one of the kkind that float like elk. I'd say bring it home and cure it or what ever it takes.

Ed Call

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Good enough to use that if you bag one and need to do something with some of the cured hide...I bet more than just me would be interested in taking some off your hands.

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
im running low... i tie mice with it, it flares a ton and then i clip it down. i don't tie my mice like the usual one you see, if im doing that kind ide use deer


Alex O'Brien
yes it is great hair for spinning if you could try dying the hair and make some bass poppers
when I am tying with antelope I like to use tread that is big like 3/0 or big game this is because sometimes when using the smaller tread sizes the antelope hair is sliced in half when to much pressure is applied and since the hair flairs up so nice and easy the larger thread works fine.