Access at Rocky Ford

I have never been to Rocky Ford and am going on Sunday. Could anyone give me directions? I will be leaving from Seattle. Also how far off the road is the spring. Thanks ahead for any help provided.

Also on Monday I will give a full report as to how the fishing was with details. Thanks!

Brad Niemeyer

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Its not hard to find....Just follow the map...there are three access points...Two on the upper section ( I recommend these) and one down below. You can see the creek from the road..Wading is not allowed. Its chock full of big rainbows that have seen many flies....

Try something unusual if the standard flies ( scuds and pheasant tails) don't work. My limited success has been with small dries, leeches, and black beetles...

Its fun to just watch the fish...IMO...everyone should fish it at least once


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I have only been there a few times, but since none of the "seasoned vetrans" have replied, I guess I can give you what I know.
Go to Moses Lake, take the exit that says hwy 17/ephrata

Follow hwy 17 towards ephrata for a while and eventually you take a right at a 3 way stop. If you dont take that right and you go too far, you will end up at a Wal-Mart. Follow that other road (name?) for a few miles, eventually you will see on the right, "hatchery road" or something to that extent (if I could find it, you can find it) The road is gravel and maybe 4-5 miles long (it actually maybe 1, maybe 10, I was :beer1 just a little) The road is not too bad, just takes forever cause you gotta roll in there at like 20 mph. Park anywhere up there, closer to the hatchery, the better, there have been a few break-ins out there, and your car will be safer close to the people in charge.

I am driving to Spokane this weekend. i think I might stop by for a bit on my way back, I'll be in the blue waders with a dark blue beenie. Say hi if you see me.
If I remember right, FAOL has maps for Rocky Ford on their site. They are doing a Central WA Fish-In there. Having never fished there, I'll probably print out the maps for this weekend.

Ron Eagle Elk
direction are very obvous on the gazetter (buy one if you dont have ... you will want it on many of your other fly fishing adventures ... every fly shop has some in stock).

i fished there on sunday: fast action during the heat of the day (high of maybe 35degrees), caught 12.

have fun.
From the West, "Seattle", take the Ephrata exit to Hiway 28. In Ephrata pull a right at 1st stop light, head towards Moses Lake for approx. 4 mi. and you come to a junction, take a left on 17 for approx. 3 mi., you'll come to Hatchery Rd., it's the first main gravel rd. you come to.
where can I get a map with access points. I went one time and was severly dissapointed. Fish were lazy and battered. I was above the private ranch. How much of the river between the hatchery and the highway is private?