Snoqualmie with Spey

Hit the Snoqualmie with "Speyrod" this morning. The Tolt is still running muddy, so we had to look to other runs. We hit a bar upriver with no luck, and a couple of spots down river with the same result. I did manage to hook a sucker in the tail. Made for a better fight, but still couldn't take line out on the 9wt spey. x( The water was rising a bit, and started to carry more color by the end of the day. Will be interesting to see what all this rain will do.:beathead


Be the guide...
What is it with spey rods and suckers? (sounds like some kind of bad joke...)
But seriously, I've seen 3 guys snag suckers on the snoqualmie this year.

Were you using a traditional spey fly or a weighted (chain or barbell eye) fly? Sink tip, floater, or full sinking line?


Shakes, it's SPEYCAST, SPEYCAST ....SPEY...CAST. Repeat after me...SPEYCAST! :beathead LOL

SPEYCAST or is speyrod???

read your email dude
Spey what??????
It's all the same isn't it. What is the name of the guy at the shop again? How have I made it this far in life is beyond me. I guess I should just keep fishing.

As far as the suckers go, that was my second for the year on the snoqualmie. Using a sink tip with and without weighted fly. Just my mojo. At least my hands smell like fish, huh Speyrod, I mean Speycast.:rofl