"Fly Fishing Northwest" tv show

I used to watch "Fly Fishing Northwest" on Prime Sports back in 1996 and 1997 before Prime Sports was bought-out by Fox. It was one of my favorite shows. This past week I watched a few of the old episodes which I video taped back when the show was on the air:

1.) Winthrop lake fishing with Steve Raymond
2.) Ruby Lodge in Montana
3.) Sea-Run Cutthroats on Stillaguamish River
4.) St. Joe River in Idaho

After watching those old eposides, I was left wishing that I had more of them to watch. Les Johnson who I've noticed a few postings on from this web site use to co-host the show with Pete Van Gytenbeek.

Does anyone know if it possible to purchase videos of old episodes of "Fly Fishing Northwest" anywhere? I have done a lot of searching over the Internet, but have yet to find them available anywhere. I'd greatly appreciate any info anyone can pass along.


I'm happy to report that I have some good news regarding the "Fly Fishing Northwest" television show. Bill Kuper emailed me back today with the following response which is listed below.(Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Randall........ I really appreciate your help.)

I'd suggest that anyone who is interested in purchasing past episodes of "Fly Fishing Northwest" email Bill Kuper so that he can put you on a mailing list, as well. The more people who are interested, the better chance we'll have of getting a full replication run on the disks. You can get Bill Kuper's email address off of the "Contact Us" page of the Digital Farm web site -

Response from Bill Kuper:

Hi Rodney,

You got the right guy. I have been working on a DVD version of all the episodes that were produced. There are still some "in the can" that never got edited or aired too.

I'll keep your email address on file and drop you a note when they get finished. I'm uncertain as to whether they can actually be sold or not though. And these would be DVD-Rs (that is, DVD-recordables, burned one at a time) vs. replicated discs (stamped out by the thousands by a manufacturer). The issue with that is that replicated discs are generally more compatible than DVD-Rs with most players. However, if there is enough interest (via the WA flyfishers list or elsewhere), perhaps we could do a replication run. We'll see.