Seahawks, Saturn, Sophia and Stillwater

Ed Call

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The Seahawks won on the road.

I finally unpacked the Saturn Raft/Kayak and built a light rowing frame for it.

Sophia has been bugging me to take the new blue boat out because she wants to go fishing. Let's go I said, she went to get dressed, I loaded the boat and the rig.

Off to a local Stillwater, some call it Tango Lake, and it is not too far from home.

The air temperature was about 52 degrees upon our afternoon arrival, several other anglers were enjoying the day despite some light wind and surface chop. A few sight seers and anglers were impressed at the little girl's desire to go fishing with dad. So was I.

Me "Rules: I row, you fish. When you get cold, tired or bored you let me know and we'll go home."
Her "Okay, sounds good to me."
Me "Can you carry these things over to the edge of the water for me while I move the boat"
Her "Sure, I can do that."
Me "Okay, I'm going to drag the boat to the water, let's put all the stuff inside."
Her "Okay, but I'm supposed to get in the front of the boat first, right?"
Me "Yes, you get in, I'll rig up your rod and put the stuff in."
Her "What fly am I fishing with?"
Me "I'll be rowing so you will be trolling, what do you think you might want to use?"
Her "Olive the Woolley Bugger?"
Me "Good choice"

I rowed to the North end, then back and forth a few times. There were a few rises but nothing hammering her fly. I worked my way south along the east shore, made the turn west to cross the south end.

Her "I think when we get back to the boat launch that I'll be ready to go home."
Me "Are you getting cold?"
Her "A little, but I'm just a bit tired."
Me "Okay, you better catch a fish then, we'll be to the boat launch area in about ten minutes."

Two or three minutes later:
Her "I think I've got a fish here"
Me "Are you sure"
Her "Yup, I've got one"
Me "Raise the rod tip and reel it in"
Her "I am, you better get the net"
Me "The net?"
Her "Yup, I think it is a big one"

She proceeded to reel her 18" rainbow triploid right to the front of the boat, got the leader into the guides, swun the fish back to me to the net...just like she knew what she was doing, calm, cool and collected the whole time.

Her "Good job with the net dad"
Me "Good job with the fish honey" "You want to fish more or go home"
Her "We can go home, it has been a good trip"


Ed Call

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Thanks all, it was a great day and she has already hinted at wanting to go again. "Can we fish tomorrow when you get home from work?". The "Good job with the net Dad" part was a result of me blind reaching for her sister's 12" rainbow on the Yakima this summer. I did not shift my body and lean over the tubes of the cataraft to see it and I literally knocked that fish off the hook. I guess the little sister remembered my foolish act, admitted mistake and humble apologies to her sister throughout the trip. With all the great folks I've met here and fished with, and no offense to any of them, these two little fishing partners are the cream of the crop.

Scott Salzer

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Nicely done. Ya did good to let her determine the time to leave and then stick to it. You also have to have enough food, at least with young lads. They may not get cold quickly but they do like their snacks and eats.

We'll look forward to more Ed & Sophia reports!

Ed Call

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Scott, good point on the snacks. Within a few minutes she was asking for a snack, which I had...then it was gone and she wanted more. I'd rather fish an hour because she wants to go than force them to tag along when they are not interested. Her sister wanted to stay home with mom, everyone got what they wanted.


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Good deal Ed. Great report.

Man alive you are the watercraft master. Did you have to give up anything in your arsenal to get this little raft? What's this one going to be for - mostly cruising the rivers or what? Looks like a sweet little set-up.