Winthrop area report

Fished Big twin on friday for a awhile and like I said on another thread the fish were snakey. Then saturday went to another lake that had a s_ _ t load of dear hunters and a duck hunter in his jet sled on it. I knew the action was not gonna be fast or plentiful but had a good idea it would be rewarding. Water temps both lakes were 52 to 53 deg on the surface. Not much of any surface activity. I caught my piggy on a olive/red carrie cast to the shoreline and instant hook up.
Fun day will head back in the spring. Found another lake with monster tigers that will have to be hiked into next spring. View attachment 35237 View attachment 35238 Found out that my big belly is great support for the rod :thumb:

Ed Call

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Goodness, so many things...
Great fish, huge fish, do you have to look so excited to make its acquaintance?
Nice latex thigh highs...that is a statement. Not sure what the statement is, but it is a statement.
Huge rod bend sitting on top of a huge...well you said that one!
Looks like a pretty dialed in setup. Looks like that arm is fully functional now, how does it feel?
Mumbless, I thought you would like the Dan Baileys thigh highs I'm also wearing a matching thong underneath! The arm was toast and elbow was swollen after the fight.
When I first saw the picture I almost renamed myself Jabba the trout :)

Ed Call

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Holy crap, better not get you and Bitterroot together...thongs and thigh highs? There is no place for that disgusting image in a fishing report.
There are some hogs in "that lake".
The first time I fished "that lake" was before "trips" were invented and I caught a 20" 5+ lb. hog.
A walk in for big tigers, I'll join ya for that sport.
Keep me posted. "Jabba"

Rick Todd

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Jim-that looks like the twin of the one Scott caught on the last trip. I'm going over this weekend, mostly stuff on our cabin, but I may have to take along a rod or two! Who took the pictures? Rick