Lunch on the Satsop

Jerry Daschofsky

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Wasn't anything spectacular. But had a problem the night before this day of fishing. My neck was out, and I wasn't able to make dinner at camp. Had to dope up on some pills and lay down. So tossed one of my stoves in my boat, loaded up a cooler with food some goodies, and made a riverside lunch the next day.

Worked the boats that morning. Had sausage gravy with biscuits to start the day (hence where this post came about).

Fished hard, and finally decided to stop for lunch. Since I wasn't feeling good, I still had the goodies I had planned to make the night before. Since my friend Paul and Troy had to leave that night before dinner, I opted to just make it on the shore that day so they could enjoy it too.

Jessie and Joe sat down and relaxed while Troy and Paul fished for a bit

So, for lunch I had two containers of fresh oysters. I breaded and fried them right up on the bank. On my griddle, I roasted corn for the guys as well.

Jessie and Joe instantly approved as quick taste testers while I was cooking them

We all sat down when I got the last of the food done. Was pretty quiet eating. Cracked a cold brew and just sat and relaxed and ate for a bit. Was almost hard getting back in the boat and fishing that day. :)

Ed Call

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Looking good Jerry, shady looking company you are keeping there though! I hope those two are doing well, looks like you are keeping their free time full. Good on you all.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Yeah, I'm keeping them busy. Jessie had alot of leave to use, so did Paul, so they used up a bit to come hang with me. Joe's retired now, so he's got some free time. LOL.