Thanks for the new sub-forum Chris!


Love vintage graphite!
I recently started a group dedicated to bamboo and it was met with so much interest that I asked Chris if this would be an appropriate category to add to the forum. Here's your answer!
Thanks for the new sub-forum Chris!

Hey everybody from the bamboo group.....throw up a post here in the new sub-forum!

Ed Call

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Cool Chris. I'm a newbie to both bamboo and glass but Bitterroot won't fish with me if I don't have some glass or bamboo in my hand.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Only pussies use or own bamboo and or glass rods...........ummmmmmm......I'm a pussy! Wooohooooo!

Great subforum. I'm known to have a glass rod or two.......hundred.


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'Huge' enclave of 'Boo' enthusiasts here in Southern Oregon; darned near a 'cult' thing. Looking forward to reading the posting on glass rods; I'd love to get my hands on some "S-Glass" sticks. Only one left, but I'd drop the dime in a heart beat to get a few of those rods back in the 'quiver.'

Nice stick Derek! Have you had a chance to fish it much? I've been mainly fishing glass & boo for the last 18 months & using the graphite less & less. Looking forward to this new sub forum!

Scott Behn

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All I can say is WOW!!!!! now I won't feel so out of place reading or posting on my local state flyfishing board... especially since all I have is glass and grass!!!

Derek Young

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Yeah, I've fished the Champion several times, it's a great rod and honestly, perfect for slowing down my casts. A good teaching tool and fun to use.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Just thought I'd post this one up of one of my old Fenwicks in action. Off a little stream I know that's never fished, but gets a nice run of pinks. :)