Designing a Home Rod Building Shop Space: Pics?

Hey guys. I am thinking of building my first rod this winter but first want to create a dedicated space in my basement to work on it , (and if I like the adventure build another). I'm pretty fortunate in that I have an unfinished room approximately 10 foot by 20 foot to start with. Would any of you mind sharing your dream workspace ideas or photos with me?
Also, I'm fairly handy and have lot's of tools so do you suggest me taking a class or just going for it?
To me building a rod is like fishing new water. If you want to improve the learning curve get a guide. That being said if you know of someone who builds, you can always use a solid bribe of beer to have them show you the basic steps.

Setting up for building is fairly straight forward, especially after the first rod. Biggest thing to think about is ergonomics, and lighting. I like having a taller table, and a stool for when I build. Some type of kick rail like at a bar also helps me stabilize my hand by resting my elbow on my knee. This is nice for when I'm applying the finish to my thread.

If I had my choice I would also sound proof the room. I always feel guilty about the profanity laced string I have uttered when my buddy's kids are near by.


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Not that there aren't a few talented rod builders on this forum but is a dedicate forum for rod building. There you will find a large community dedicated rod building and the tools to build them. No special wood working is required, but some dedicated tools are. A mid-sized lathe is a must. Wrapping and drying tools can be built, I built mine. Start out small and expand once you decide to make more than a few rods.

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I'm chuckling at Dustin's comment. Tyler , that is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Do you mind if I print out copies for my own use as well help me identify what the heck half the equipment is for?
I see you have an a/c unit ,do you also need to have ventilation for the coatings or glues?
What about dust control?
This is awesome...nice job, really nice job.
Thank you, I'll keep you posted on what I do after the holidays.
Just awesome.
I do have A/C and a good ventilation system. I got a 225 cfm fan to move all the dust and fumes out of the shop. This is a pic of the fan I installed. This shop was built for one purpose only, and thats rod building. I also installed a central vac system for quick and easy clean up. You really need to keep the room as clean as you can and as bright as you can. I used a high gloss white paint for the walls and ceiling.

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Tyler I've seen some of the finish work on rods you've built, and they're beautiful. Now it's easy to understand when your shop is seen. I'm sure that you were very careful with all the rods you make to protect the finish, even before your new shop. I'd really like to see your place some time if you don't mind, The things that we do to make our places more flexible to do what we want. The special things needed when we need things that we can adapt our selves. Is part of where I get my enjoyment. I haven't done anything so comeplete but trying to make things better is my goal. Anyway nice job.