Another Great Lakes CnB

It has been a great fall in MI this year. I've had the opportunity to spend alot of time in my favorite places with good friends. Here's a few pics from a great day we had a few weeks ago.

Things started in the uplands


Rich with a nice grey phase

Me with a grouse woodcock double

My pup Loo

The afternoon bounty

We then broke for lunch before heading to the river

Rich and his Dad dropping in

Walking in

Found a few of what we were looking for

And in the process tagged a few of these

Now bring on the rain and some steelhead!!!


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Very sweet. I grew up in N WI. Thanks for sharing. Woodcock, grouse, browns. Spent many a day in the woods humiliated by grouse and woodcock.

Where are the brook trout?:rofl:

Thanks for sharing


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The few years I lived in MI, where I started hunting, I flushed a few bog suckers not knowing what they were...every time I see a picture of one it makes me chuckle to think my many birdless days could have been otherwise. Nice pics and photos.