Ducks calling Daschofsky

Salt & pepper, dredge in flour, fry medium rare (breasts) in fresh garlic, rosemary and olive oil...Then, finish with a flambe of GIN---Outstanding!!



Idiot Savant
If you check the cast and blast you'll see I have plenty o'duck to play around with and two geese to boot. I'm going for Karl's KISS approach first. Then I'll try some other. Report to follow...


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...checking for shot...
Good tip Curt. I served duck stew to a boyfriend once who claimed not to like duck. He loved the stew, "the best he'd ever eaten", that is until he bit into a piece of shot and figured out it was some of the duck he shot the previous weekend!


Idiot Savant
Well. I breasted out one of the Mallards and had a breast for lunch. Just split one in half, lightly sauteed in butter, olive oil, salt and pepper. Garnished with some Grey Poupon and it was delicious. Can't wait to try a few other spices...

Upton O

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Now if you happen to shoot a speckle belly goose (white front goose), let us know. That is the finest eating of all waterfowl. My wife loves butterflied, suateed speck breast with guava jelly sauce drizzled over it (cooked medium rare).