Carrying firearms while fishing

I've recently heard of or encountered fishermen who say they carry a gun with them while fishing. These have been fly fishermen on rivers. When I lived in Western NY (Rochester area) a guide friend of mine carried a 38, primarily to deal with coydogs in our area. He once rescued a guy who had been treed by dogs. I never considered it necessary but I'm new to this area. While living in Florida the past few years, there were times I encountered some scatchy folks while bass fishing in rural areas and then there were the snakes and gators. I have a couple of questions for the forum on this topic.

How common do you think this practice is (in the lower 48)?
What are the reasons to carry while fishing?
What might be a good choice in sidearm, if one were so inclined?



I hope she likes whitefish
I carry a gun with me everywhere I go besides to sleep and even then it's within arms reach. Call me paranoid, but after having worked in LE, I consider it being prepared. To each his own.
I encountered two drunks on the EFL about a year ago while fishing with my daughter. I'm not bragging but my girls are very attractive. A few inappropriate comments from the two made us feel very creapy and her unsafe way up in the woods by ourselves. Sometimes I carry my 9mm. I work in an arm of law enforcement and have a concealed weapons permit and feel a little safer with it. I wear it tucked inside my waders. I think my friends think that I'm just happy to see them but with all the tweekers and other dirt bags I don't feel bad about bringing it along
LOL!!^^ I would think a .38 or 9mm would be fine for small critters (they make a scattergun type round in 9mm!!) and snakes. Ya might want to go a bit bigger for those 'hills have eyes' types that are in dem deep Florida back woods though..


Joe Streamer
I've never owned a gun in my life, but I'm within an inch of buying a small 9mm for many of the reasons already posted here.


Jasper hickman
If im fishing anyware off the beaten path Ill cary my .44 on my wader belt, if in snake country Ill alternate hollowpoints with multiple bb's rounds. Im mostly concerned with coming back the truck to find some meth head digging through my gear. If im in a area with alot of people Ill use a glock 17 conceled inside my waders.
I carry when I fish. I have carried in Alaska while fishing for bears, but down here I think I just feel a bit more comfortable knowing that I can defend myself if the situation arrises. I carry a small Taurus .45 ACP or my .44 Mag.
I carry bear mace. Mostly for dogs. I have had a couple close bear encounters, and one cougar encounter that made me glad I had it, even though I didnt have to use it. I would potentially carry a sidearm if I owned one, especially in tweekerville. Seeing the bear mace spray on my backpack is a pretty good deterrant though. It has a 30 foot range


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I carry concealed all of the time for the reasons mentioned above.
I carry open on a belt if I'm off the beaten path.
I'm sure a bullet bucks a 20mph wind better than bear spray.
Kahr PM9 9mm concealed.
Taurus Ti 45acp revolver for open carry.
Get your ccp and know what you're doing.