A little info on the Kalama

I would love to come fish the Kalama one of these days. Ill buy lunch if someone shows me around, or I will bring you some flies.

As for the kalama sasquatch, it could have been mr. steelface, or a monster coho. Any coho over 12lbs will fight like a damn kayaker paddling downstream from you.
You will find a few bright coho, steelhead and even chinook in the river as late as December not to mention recycled older steelhead. As for good river conditions, well that is another story, though it was in descent shape today for a float.
You had to bring up this river didn't you? Since I've switched jobs I haven't been there once. It makes me sad :( I got rather attached to that place after fishing it for a few years. Kids and wives sure put a serious dent in time on the water. Say hello for me next time you're there.