(NFR) I got me a new fishing partner on order


Sharp Steelie

Patrick - first congrats, my oldest daughter has gone
out fly fishing with dad before - it took me 3 to get
a boy out of the deal and you know what - I'm thrilled
with the way it worked out - my middle daughter isn't
into fly fishing, but hey she has the voice of an Angel
and is a State Champion Soccer Player. Number 3 is all
boy - I thank God for all 3. So whatever you do - be
thrilled if you get a second daughter - I was just a little disappointed when nr 2 was a girl - that was a
very foolish thought on my part - she is absolutely
amazing (I'm voting for a girl). Well whats really
important - I hope you have a very healthy happy
addition to your family - again congrats!:thumb
:eek :eek I didn't know men could get pregnent?!:eek :eek
Congrats to you and the wife Pat.:beer2
Either way boy or girl, that's one more partner to enjoy one of lifes greatest pleasures with...