Fish Porn. Catch of the day

You Suck! Not because you suck but because I can say damn it I don't envy many peeps but those cutts and grayling are the shit!!!

Above: CO - Cheeseman Canyon Brown Trouts

MT - Grayling (Handkerchief Lake I think)

MT - Brown Trout (Bitterroot river I think it was)

MT - Westslope Cutthroat (South Fk of Flathead)

MT - Swan river bow

CO - Greenback Cutthroats


MT - Stillwater river Pike

MT - Swan river Bulltrout
Haven't posted any photos in a while, so here's a few...

Big PS Crab

Sept Bonkfest

Wild Summer Steel - Westside

Late Oct Spring Creek Carp on the a streamer
Blue Ditto Brandon I LOVE the winter mist stream pic that's great. I gotta say though the Albino bows, ya they freak me out man. Really though GREAT shots. Here in the Methow there's no hangin up the rods eather just switchin water.

Keep on Rockin!