Guideline Le Cie 12'6" 8/9 Review

Just bought a Guideline Le Cie after all the praise I've heard about them and lined it with a guideline 8/9 power taper....and now for an extremely wordy review:

Holly smokes!

If you get a chance to fire one of these babies, enjoy! If your looking for a new scandi rod look no further.

If you need more details feel free to ask or if you would like to add to this review please do so.

I haven't tried the 12'6" models but I have two 13'7" rods (7/8 & 8/9) and my initial reaction was the same as James'. These are very nice rods if you like a bit faster action.

Ian Broadie

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They are fantastic, I've been resisting buying one for a while as I have more gear than I can realistically fish.... but my resistance is getting weaker all the time.


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The three piece LeCies are among the best light scandis and have a cult following; but the 4 pc suffer a bit in their shadow. Best in the world? For some casters yes, for others no. Simple.