All that decoy aren't always ducks...

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
I had five dozen decoys out one day last week. The ducks were pretty "hinky" about coming in closer than 40 yards. Too bad the season on LBSB's isn't open. (Little Brown Shore Birds). They came in like it was old home week. They hobnobbed with the decoys for 20 minutes until a widgeon drake stopped by. He stayed, they left.

Today we had a couple of big flocks of cacklers drop in. What a racket. A few of these stayed around, too. We quit a few birds shy of the limit so we could catch breakfast at our favorite cafe before they switched to the lunch menu. The young waitress has been bugging us to take her duck hunting. We introduced her to the dog today now she insists on a trip. This is going to be fun, two old guys, one young guy, a cute, blond waitress, and a blond Labrador. I'm trying to decide whether to tell my wife.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
Looks like a fine day to me. Walked my keister off for one Rooster, but it was fun. Had several hens & a few Huns flush way wild. Put a lot of miles on & had a good time, however. Steel shot area, so I christened my 20-ga Montefeltro . . . won't put steel thru my O/U, but the Benelli is a joy to pack & points quick like a double. Hope you & Alex find it in your hearts to forgive me this transgression. Great cover . . . it was like hunting the Dakotas, but without the birds . . .

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Jim, you know, I look at pheasant hunting as a trophy hunt now, at least in this state. I love the anticipation when working good cover, the great exercise, the beautiful open country, cool, DRY air. Then the return home, one great bird in hand, the waiting TV with a football game on, a fire in the woodstove. Man, I love it. I know you do, too.

Jeff, it was a funny day. The dog is learning how to hunt out of a pit blind which produces special challenges. There is nothing better than a duck blind with great friends. There was a lot of laughter, raunchy comments, and banter traded by the three of us between the flocks of geese. We carried the banter (but not the raunchy) into the cafe and the staff actually thanked us for the entertainment when we left. It was a great morning all around. It's amazing considering my oldest, longest hunting buddy just got his diagnosis for prostate cancer. We'll keep his arse busy with the birds until his surgery and then again after he is healed enough to hunt again. He won't be going through this struggle alone.

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Hinky: a commonly used term referring to ducks that won't come into a decoy spread because they are tired of getting shot at. As in "Damn, these birds are hinky today. Maybe if we moved those decoys on that end of the string they might not be so hinky." Or, more appropriately perhaps "Damn, these steelhead are hinky today. You can't put a fly within ten feet of them or they bust out of the pool. Maybe if I use a 30' leader and a size #35 fly they won't be so hinky." Note: in most cases, "hinky" animals do not respond to any changes you make in your attempt to harvest them.


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Have you had any searun to hand this year??? We should get together for a winter cutty day. I know a spot.


Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Jeff, I haven't wet a line or a fly since my Montana trip in early October. My focus is on webbed footed birds at present given the numbers that have been in the area. Last year we had a dismal season with ducks so I spent a bit more time flailing the fly. I appreciate the offer, perhaps when we get towards March or later.