Waterfowl recipes


Idiot Savant
I'm half way through my "stash" of duck and goose from my hunt with D3Smartie a few weeks ago. It's been great just sauteing the breasts in butter/olive oil, rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper.

A little dijon mustard on the side, a glass of merlot (FRE since I quit drinking) and a tossed salad or fresh steamed cauliflower.

But I found this site, http://honest-food.net/wild-game/goose-recipes/ and it looks very promising. It's interesting what this fellow has done with duck and goose meat. I'm thinking of trying the burger just for grins...

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
Try splitting the breasts lengthwise (think "filet"), soak in beer/soy sauce/garlic/cracked pepper overnight. Pound flat, wrap around your fav cheese slice & half of a Jalapeno, wrap a slice of pepper bacon around the roll, secure with a toothpick (or place in the freezer long-enough for the roll to "take a set"), then cook indirectly on the grill. I've had folks who hate duck call me a liar after they pigged-out & I told them what it really was.

That sounds so good I can almost taste it!!

My approach is simpler and pretty good. I will soak the breasts in apple cider vinegar or buttermilk for 5 or 6 hours and rinse thoroughly. These I will freeze if not going to be cooked immediately.

Before cooking soak in a mild brine, soy or pickling salt, an equal amount of sugar, cane or dark brown, and seasonings to taste. Marinade for 2 or 3 hours, rinse and dry. Cut the breasts length wise in strips about 3/8ths of an inch thick and place in a frying pan with oil. These cook fast and the trick is to not overcook. The center should still be pinkish. These will make great sandwhiches if any is left over.

The cooked strips are good alone but I like to add them to a strir fryed brown or wild rice.


Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
Sounds delicious, Dave . . . I'll try this one. Also, when I slow-cook fowl (domestic or wild, plus pork) on my Louisiana pellet grill, I mist those delicacies every 45-minutes or so with 50/50 apple juice & water to keep it moist. On red meat (deer/elk/buffalo/beef), I use 50/50 Coca-Cola & water (occasionally with a jigger of bourbon in the mix). If I shake this damn sinus infection, I'll go harvest a few ducks . . .

You are going to make me go against my doctors advice about not eating duck with your ways and means of cooking water fowl.

I can tolerate egg white omelets but when I see mallards flying around this time of year I just salivate and think of all the different ways to cook them.

Find you're favorite corned beef cure. Prepare as you would a brisket, finishing by slow cooking and making the proper sandwich (a "gooben") or by peppering and smoking (goostrami).

Then tell all your friends waterfowl tastes like crap and you'll take all they have.