A week off, where should I go?

Ed Call

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Hit that short list. I'll buy you a beer on the way through the neighborhood in gratitude for all the shit you flip me. You bringing the block of ice boat?
I will be out there at the same time, probably camping at hoh oxbow for a few days, and maybe hitting the lyre and hoko on the 112 while Im out there. PM me if you want to meet up for some fishin. We could carpool between spots
Pan you have camper? If you do...I would hit every river on the way to OP and fish back through Oregon. It would make one hell of a road trip :) Of if you don't make it I will be on CW for at least a weekend during that time.


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I'll be taking a few days off during that time period. If you're gonna' be in the neighborhood, we could connect and fish.



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Good idea, Easy, but I'd rather focus on one system for 7 or 8 days. It s looking like I'm headed over. Salmo, I'd love to fish a day or two with ya. I'll get back to you when I nail down dates.


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The D is still kicking out some nice fish. Still some nice bright ones,bigger than average size and pissy. It's a ghost town as well.....which is always nice.


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Wondering the same thing myself. I have 12/22 - 01/03 off and want to get at least one spey trip in. Seems my plans in recent years for a (X-mas/New Year week) trip to the OP are always dashed by storm events and a gush of water, but I'll hope for better luck ths year. I'm open to some other options in the region; Oregon, Canada... anyone have some suggestions I should consider?

My wife wants to buy me a guided trip since I've been dragging my feet on a gift list and she really doesn't want to buy the Ruger Alalskan I've been hinting about.