NFR: WFF on a Mac?

Brad Niemeyer

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OK I'll chime in. I'm a mac guy, never had an issue with view any webpage on a mac ( as long as all the software and plugins are up to date). Its kinda like gear fishing and fly fishing, both systems work well and catch fish... but fly fishing does it with style! I have 15 years experience trouble shooting mac issues for graphic design workgroups so I'm not gonna say the mac is perfect, just cooler.
No issues using Macs with the Safari browser (but get Firefox since you have more control over cookies). I've used Macs since 1985 ...

Upton O

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Ed, I switched to a Mac a couple of years ago just for the hell of it. I don't know shit about computers and so there were some challenges learning some of the differences between a PC and a Mac. Now, I'm glad I made the switch though it sounds like not everyone shares my experience.
Howdy all...

I'm new here. Been lurking for a while. Thought I'd make my first post when I caught my first winter steelhead on a fly, but it's looking as if that might take a few decades.

Anyway, I worked for Microsoft for twelve years, on the Windows team virtually the whole time. I was a Mac guy before I came to Microsoft. I used Windows exclusively while I worked at Microsoft. The day I left I bought a Mac. I guess that kind of says it all. I'm not really dissing Windows. It's come a long ways and it's definitely a lot of product for a good price. But I love the stability and reliability of the Mac. Never had any trouble with this or any other forum or web site.

Kent Lufkin

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Good for you for trying something different. It's always fun to fish new water, isn't it?

The replies to your query thus far are so predictable it's almost as if you'd asked, 'What's the best 5wt rod I can buy?' or 'Should I get a Ford, Chevy or Dodge pickup?' The answers so far are pretty much, 'You should get what I got because I love it.' Seems to me that if you're up for trying something new, do it because you want to instead of what others say you should do.

I've been a PC user since the bad old IBM and DOS days and a Mac user since the 1984 Super Bowl commercial. As someone who still uses both machines daily, the answer to your question is no, you won't notice any difference between how web sites appear or function from one machine to the next.

What you will notice is a very familiar point and click interface, just with some stuff in different locations. There's a few very minor differences: for instance, the Mac mouse has no right-click function (nor does it need one). And on a Mac, you use the Command key instead of the Control key as a modifier. The last 2 or 3 versions of Microsoft Office operate exactly the same on Window and the Mac and files created in one version are completely interchangeable with the other.



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I was a PC guy for years, but switched to Mac and am amazed it hasn't slowed or screwed up since I've owned it 3+ yrs. It makes it easier for Ipod apps too. Gotta have my bluegrass!!


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I use windows & mac, happen to prefer mac.

Kent is mostly correct, except that "right click" is fully functional on a mac mouse on newer systems. I find right click very useful. You can also use a multi button MS mouse if you want.


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On my Mac right now. It's a nice small mess around on the internet computer. It's fast, but IMO not worth the money. It has some great programs for video editing. I have a PC and use that for work. The world is a PC world and not a Mac one. Tons of Compatibility issues with work. I have had issues and know several others that have had connectivity issues with the computer connecting to the internet. Super frustrating!

If you have money to blow, buy one.
I've been a PC user since the bad old IBM and DOS days
DOS rocked!

I see an animated video of mac vs. pc guy in our future. Ed, be sure to make fun of mac users for being vegan, wearing "skinny" jeans, and liking "indie" music. Make fun of pc users for being hard headed idiots.

In matters like these, where actual performance differences are fairly negligible, I like to make my decisions based on something very trivial. In this case, it's advertising. I will never own an Apple product just because of their advertising. It gets worse the bigger they get. Right now they're acting like they fuckin discovered The Beatles. Piss off Apple.

Rick Todd

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A salesman who calls on me every week finally got fed up with a new laptop every couple years and got a Mac Book. He runs Parallels for Mac since his inventory control software is Windows based. He thinks it is the best thing he has ever done. Rick

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
. . . I like to make my decisions based on something very trivial. In this case, it's advertising.
Then you might find this amusing: A U.C.-Berkeley undergrad named Kyle Conroy has compiled a fun table looking at how much money you would have made if on the day of any given Apple (AAPL) product launch since 1997, you had chosen to buy Apple shares instead. Example: if on November 10, 1997, you spent $3000 on Apple shares, rather than a G3 266 Minitower, your stock would now be worth $173,981, which in turn would have allowed you to buy all the iPads and iPhones you could ever want.

FWIW, AAPL closed today at $320.15 a share and a market capitalization of $294B. MSFT shares closed at $26.84 with a market cap of $231B. I'm sure there's some reason Apple stock has outperformed Microsoft's by 10:1 the last few years. Probably has something to do with advertising forcing people to buy expensive products they don't need and can't afford!