(NFR) Registered Voters on this site?

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Registered Voters on this site?

I agree, although you can change a lot of things without ever voting. I can't vote, but I am politically active and try to invoke change by the things I do and through people I influence.

It might not be completely fish related, but it's winter and the fish are few and close-mouthed. I think this thread is as or more fish-related than the "Taliban sighting" or the "I have hit 10,000 posts" threads (Congrats Skinny and Roper, but...???:dunno)
Registered Voters on this site?

O Clarki--am I smelling a felon here? Usually they are the only ones who cannot vote. Well, non-citizens, of course, but you write better than that for the most part.
I vote on permanent absentee status and I just love it, although it does not take me long to vote as I am a yellow dog Democrat, i.e. I would rather vote for a yellow dog than a Republican. I don't care what a man or woman looks like; I only care about which set of ideas they are backing. I don't vote for the man-I vote for his ideas.
Bob, the, of course, I'm registered, what fool would not be?:professor

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Registered Voters on this site?

My brother quit voting 20 years ago. Asked why, he answers "It only encourages them". And no, he has had nothing to do with the prison system.
Registered Voters on this site?

You are not smelling a felon, I am not a citizen, but I love this country as much as my home country, the land of the brown trout. Thanks for the writing compliment, you don't write so bad yourself, with your american school education.:rofl j.k.
Registered Voters on this site?

Tight Loops

My dear friend, Rob,

Too bad your brother wasn't shown some enviromental issues and how the two parties came down on them.. He might have voted after that...

Bob, the there is no them; there's a right and a wrong and you've got to look for it.:beer2
Registered Voters on this site?

Not only am I registered, and vote, I vote TWICE.

Just kidding. Although mail in ballots have made voting much easier and probably have increased voter turnout, I have a tradition of taking my son with me to vote at the polling place. Hopefully something will rub off.

Registered Voters on this site?

Seems like the only way to vote is with a ring in your nose, a party line vote. With the country voting 50/50 as a whole, how can anything get done by excluding half of the politicions. Your in the hole before you even start.

Another way to look at it is to ask who has been in power in your fishless region over the years. Do they just pay lip service to you at election time and then vote with the big money?

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