Lone Lake Trip on 1-2-2011

If anyone wants to go, I am considering a trip on Sunday. So far, it might be me, Mary, JC and Pedro.
Thanks to Modern Midges (thanks Santa!), it has been chironomid central at my bench the last few nights! Looking forward to testing these flies. And also looking forward to meeting some new friends!

I will be driving a gray toyota tacoma. In the back cab there will be cookies. Two kinds.... leaning toward chocolate chip and something else. You are more then welcome to help yourselves before you get on the water or at breaks. Please help yourself.... they are for you all.


New Member

Warning: if you see a cookie crumb trail on the water and it leads to islander, we all need to stop fishing and have an intervention.
I will be bringing my drift boat if any one wants to stay out of the water,I have room for one, or if you need a break. Looking forward to meeting everyone "Happy New Year"


Indi "Ira" Jones
I'm there. Anyone want to share ferry expense? I live in Everett, I can either meet you there or you can park at my place.

there will be COOKIEs. Just got done making them. Double chocolate chip fudge and peanut butter. yummmmy
Hi, my name is Steve......and I'm a CCC-aholic.

I'll have my red pontoon if I can figure a way to get it on or in the truck, or my grey plastic boat. I'll bring some bugs if I get off my lazy butt and do some tying.


Indi "Ira" Jones
This is a great way to start 2011 off right! I'm Ira I'll also be in a Spring Creek Hopper and my friend Kristy will be with me, we'll have tent heater to keep our hands warm. Paddle on over if you need a quick burst of warm air. We are planning on catching the 8:00 AM Ferry.

I'm Jeff Wagner - I'm an unabashed fresh water fishing freak and I will join the group tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to meeting ya'll and ripping some trout lips - barbless of course! ;) I'll be in a silver Tacoma with a gray Buck's Bag quad pontoon.