Food for the Hoh Down.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Yeah I was playing with real coals in camp. I had one too many little diickels and the coals got away from me and started the big burn. But we did have a lot of charbroiled critters to eat afterwards. :)


Love vintage graphite!
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Just think Jerry, there was an endless supply of dutch oven coals for cooking. Fill up a pot and set it just about anywhere! :rofl:

But check out those old cast iron pots! Cool!


Team Umiak
Ed, those wings were 12 star..had em since and they were tasty.
Lonny, that is a truly cool pic..saved it as my puter background..thx.


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You many *stars* guys crack me up. I like seasoned food such that the top of my head is sweating, and I guess it's not that big a deal when my eyes water and I can't see my food, but when my nose runs so hard the snot clogs up my moustache, ya' know, that just takes the fun right out of a meal.

Reminds me of a story related by an Hispanic friend when he lived in New Mexico. He went to a friend's house for dinner, and the guy takes his shirt off in the dining room as his wife brings a towel and drapes it over his shoulders just before she places a bowl of jalapeno peppers on the table. My friend's friend said, "I like to sweat when I eat."


Jerry Daschofsky

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Ok we are in the under 1 month deadline for the food buyin. You MUST signup on this thread if you plan to eat with us and get money to me (unless you already made arrangements). I'll only buy so much extra so if you show and haven't signed up and/or paid then you probably won't get fed. Check first page list to see if you are signed up and you will have a (paid) next to your name if I have payment.

Ed Call

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Jerry, posted it in the other Hoh thread. Will the kitchen area be tarped when I arrive later in the week, or should I be brining my pop up canopy again? I'll gladly leave it home if it is not needed.

What other community stuff is needed? I'm trying to find a local source for a wood buy. Maybe a half or full cord delivered to the group site.