Swap meat chuckers delight

Ed Call

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That looks sweet Ed, what size is the hook in the back?
J, as of yet undetermined. Let's say BIG, and articulated. Tell me, hook front, rear, both and let the user clip them. I may do a shank up front (extra mass, extra splash) and an articualted rear hook.

I do not want to catch a brown trout. I want to catch a REALLY BIG BROWN TROUT. Colors I have materials in are brown/tan/ginger with a few different options. I like the big bushy head on this one with the rubber streaming off the sides.


AKA Joe Willauer

I do not want to catch a brown trout. I want to catch a REALLY BIG BROWN TROUT.
If that's the goal I'd tie a 2" long olive streamer on one hook and put a thingamabobber 4' above it. :thumb:

I like the idea of 2 hooks instead of a shank personally, it's surprising how many of them get caught on the front hook.

Ed Call

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I can do two hooks. I happen to have some pretty long shanked hooks for the front. Might be a bit of leverage for the fly taster. Here we have to clip one off. I've always wondered about "short strikes". Seems that most predatory fish wanting to eat other fish are not going to be tail nipping. They are going to be head chomping.

mike doughty

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we filled up quickly so let's try not to drop the ball on this one but if for some reason someone has to bail then just give me a courtisy shout. thanks guys
I just whipped up a new pattern for this swap. Calling it "The undercutter"

Im going to tie it up in a ginger color and see if I like that one better, but this is my pattern im submitting